life's short

just get it done

hesitations, procrastinations, its all an excuse

About Me

Web developer by profession and Badminton as a semi-profession, life is busy. But never busy enough and always more to experience and learn in life. May the journey never end.

I am currently the Web Director of the company Onstem Media with my business partner Ryan Baggage. I have a programming background and love to code, I surround myself with technology.

I started playing Badminton at the age of 5 and have never stopped since. I am currently ranked around 100 in the world and at my best ranking I was 56. I was the Oceania Singles Champion in 2010.

Me, Myself and I

Joe Wu Casual

This is me

Originally from Taiwan, immigrated to New Zealand in the mid 90′s.

Badminton action

My second occupation.

Hunger to win

A win in my second occupation.

Professional Hunger

Passion for my profession.